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Da Preachaman

Da Preachaman

  • By Big Al
  • Release 16/09/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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I was destined to serve God! From the very beginning. He put me in a time and place in which I would be needy, and so would seek to fill that empty place. I was born Al Deshion Nezy on October 21,1972 in Compton,California. It was just my Mom and I in a bad neighborhood with a lot of odds againest us. I was left with a number of sitters while my Mom worked to pay the bills. It was in these different homes at a very young age when I was exposed to gangs and unspeakable abuse. At 11, my Mom and I moved to Beaumont,Texas to care of my ailing Grandma, and there we stayed. By God\'s grace I was able to get through school without getting into too much trouble. I graduated in 1990 with only a second grade reading level, but thought I had it going on, because a friend and I had been recruited to an aeronautics school. My way-up call came when I couldn\'t keep up with the class due to my poor reading and math skills. I dropped out and that\'s when the real trouble began.I was working, but I was also spending a lot of time on the streets. I felt low so I associated with the lowly. I got into the street music, and rapped about girls, alcohol, drugs, and violence, all the things that had become my life. As God has done for so many others, when I was the lowest, he reached out to me. I was working at a rice mill when I heard his voice. He called my name and asked me where I was going when I died. I had never killed anyone, and really never intended to hurt anyone and sometimes I attended church with my Mom so I was pretty sure I knew, but after the third time God asked me the same question my life with all my sins flashed before me. I then knew I was going, and I wanted something better. With my soul full of spirit, I sought out a church the next Sunday. I cleaned up my act and threw out all the sinful, worldly things in my life including my rapping. The one thing that I miss was the music. The disire to rap was still there, so I went to the Lord and asked Him why I still had such a strong desire for something of the world. He answered me and told me to do it for His glory and His kingdom. I immediately started writing Christian rap and everything I write is from the Holy Spirit.


Artist: Big Al
Title: Da Preachaman
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 16/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 643157391197


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