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Lost Without You

Lost Without You

  • By Sovey Chris
  • Release 13/05/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $24.94

Product Notes

Chris Sovey is an aspiring singer-songwriter from the Mid-Michigan area. He has created a diversified musical experience by blending an acoustic rock sound with easy listening roots. Chris, at the age of 23, has been a musician for over 10 years. His latest project, Lost Without You, contains blend of moving acoustic riffs, rhythmic slap guitar, songs about tragedies, messages of hope, despair, rock ballads, and love songs. It is truly a journey of emotions and musical styles. It has been Chris's goal to produce an album that everyone can relate to, something that has elements for every type of listener. He believes he has accomplished this with the latest project, Lost Without You. Upbeat tracks such as "Lost Without You" and "Who Said Life Has To Be This Way" drive the album forward with steady rock beats, tight vocal harmonies, tasty electric guitar riffs, and stories about making difficult choices in life. Tracks such as "Katrina" contain a full string quartet and tell the tale of a man who believes he has lost his significant other in the tragic hurricane Katrina. He will do anything to overcome obstacles to be reunited with her. This song delivers a message of hope, and the lyrics metaphorically could be applied to many situations. The track "Dream," portrays the darker side of Chris's writing style, which tells of a young man who is trying everything within his power to save a failing relationship, only to realize that things become worse as time goes on, and the couple becomes more distant with every passing day. "The Times We Kissed," one of the acoustic duet tracks of the album, looks closely at the qualities of two people in a relationship. It stands to reason that just about everyone has something they wish they could change about their significant others, but this song reminds them that there are some things that should never change. There are several other styles and stories in this brand new album. Check out the store section to learn more, and begin your musical journey! Chris Sovey - Lost Without You is now in local stores and online. Throughout the production of Lost Without You, Chris has worked with some of the top musicians from the Michigan area, including: Drummer Donny Brown of the nationally renowned band: Verve Pipe, and also phenomenal studio musicians, Robert Tye and Chuck Bartels from the Detroit area. Lost Without You is available online, via CDbaby, DigStation, iTunes, and local vendors in the Michigan Area. Chris will be performing at several venues in the Mid-Michigan area. It contains 14 brand new original tracks. See the store section for more information. Chris is now a Nursing student at Michigan State University. He plans to attend medical school after his completion of bachelor's degree in Nursing. Besides song writing in his free time, Chris also enjoys running, traveling, and attending concerts.


Title: Lost Without You
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 13/05/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 796873061759
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