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Dance of the Jacaranda Tree

Dance of the Jacaranda Tree

  • By John Shipley
  • Release 1/08/2006
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Price: $13.73

Product Notes

The Jacaranda tree makes a dramatic statement when it's in full bloom, with it's clusters of decidedly PURPLE flowers. Is this REALLY a true color of nature .. or just my imagination painting a wild vision of spectacular beauty in action? And them... it moves ever so gently with the breeze... those GIGANTIC PURPLE blossoms literally dancing with each other! It is truly a vision to behold. And so... The intricate passion and complexity of the color purple is best defined in these choice, enthusiastic compositions by John Shipley. Actually, John is best described in those same terms, As a believer in Truth Principles and a graduate of "the school of hard knocks" ( along with tangible, accredited establishments), he feels the need to speak up now and say, "This is what the Jacaranda tree dances to!" The delicacy of it's petals and enormity of the whole blossom become quite apparent as you listen to "dance of the jacaranda tree". The wild winds and the desolation of the desert are prevalent, especially in "The Elephant Graveyard" and "Hot Desert Nights". John's diligent piano practicing (especially on school lunch hours), set the pace for his decisive desire to play a variety of music styles. His career as a musician has been intense and stimulating, allowing him to grow wildly in several creative directions. His compositions have always been an expression of his own personal experiences. After many years of producing other artists and putting his unique stamp on their projects, john "took a left" and decided....Now it's MY time. The desert of Palm Springs, CA brought a sense of peace and closure for John.... It was time to discover the.... Jacaranda tree. The unabashed beauty and animated gestures that this piece of nature emotes, could only be reproduced with SPONTANEOUS music! The majority of these tracks were recorded in one take. Living in the desert confirmed a strong spirituality for John and he wanted to record this CD with the best players in that area. The virtue and self assuredness of these quality musicians is captured and held hostage in these recordings. The guys left whatever egos at home and brought to the session...their lives...instruments and souls. And so... we give you, this unadorned collection of absolute talent.


Title: Dance of the Jacaranda Tree
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1/08/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 602221098028