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My Sister

My Sister

  • By Leah Sigal
  • Release 4/07/2006
  • Music Genre Christian
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

A few years ago I took Rivky, my 'special needs' daughter, to the school function of one of my other daughters: Nechama. Rivky is in a wheelchair and has multiple 'dis'abilities. As I was wheeling her in the school corridor, Nechama, who at the time was seven years old, walked over towards us with some of her classmates and said: 'This is my sister Rivky. She is handicapped because that is how Hashem (G-d) made her, but when Moshiach (Messiah) comes she'll be able to walk.' She went on talking about Rivky and answering her friends' questions unabashedly and with a strong sense of pride and acceptance. It was witnessing this moving scenario that inspired me to write my first song titled 'My Sister'. Music has been with me since my childhood and represents my fondest memories as I sang in choirs in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my birthplace, during my younger years. From the time that Rivky was born, years after I had moved to New York, and forthwith, my singing to her has become our way of bonding, our medium of communication, and music has provided a sense of comfort and a source of light to Rivky's soul. 'My Sister' became the harbinger for new songs, most of which are aimed to offer Torah based perspectives on different aspects of life. And, words of our prayer book that have had a specific impact on me over the years, took on new meaning as I searched for, or composed the melody that my heart felt would best express that longing or feeling of the prayer. And so, with Hashem's (G-d's) help, I sing these songs to you, hoping to revive that spark of hope that is innate within our souls, yet sometimes obscured by the daily trials and worries of life. See yourself embarking on a journey of closeness to the Boreh Olam (the Creator of the Universe), and engrave within your being the knowledge that at every moment, whether good or seemingly not good, Hakadosh Baruch Hu (the Holy One Blessed Be He) is with us, supporting us and picking us up... 'as a loving father to his child'. Leah.


Artist: Leah Sigal
Title: My Sister
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 4/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502258219
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