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Too Slow to Disco Neo: En France

Too Slow to Disco Neo: En France

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The perfect soundtrack of a very first "French kiss", of an early morning sunset by the Seine Songs to relax to or to fall in love with, songs to dance to or to dream with the soundtrack of an extraordinary life - your life, maybe NEO is the next chapter for the critically-acclaimed compilation series Too Slow To Disco. For DJ Supermarkt it was time to explore the exciting new, modern smooth sounds of the present. With TSTD NEO - en France, How Do You Are? Recordings go to the exciting European capital of all things mellow, elegant, slightly erotic, and pop. The compilation contains 17 tracks - some of them never released and exclusive for this compilation - featuring two godfathers and grand seigneurs: the legendary Bertrand Burgalat, head honcho of the Tricatel label, musician, composer, arranger, producer, and the electro-disco wizard Yuksek who also runs the infamous Partyfine label. The others are the kids of Michel Legrand, Les Jeunes Gens Modernes, and the French Touch, they sometimes try to marry "Debussy to a disco beat", they've all got this blue melancholy which you only find in the French streets, they sing in in their mother tongue or in their so very charming English accent without any complexes. They're boys and girls. Duos (Bleu Toucan, Poom, or Weekend Affair...), bands (L'Impératrice, Cléa Vincent, and her friends), collectives (the elusive Catastrophe) or solo artists (Jean Tonique, Lomboy, Magnüm, Saint DX...) mix candid melodies and Gainsbourgienne basslines, electro arrangements, and sensual grooves. There are funky guitars licks and - as usual with TSTD - way too many saxophones (it sounds like Duran Duran's "Rio"), slap basses, and some vocoders, even features a great ironic use of the modern autotune. It's the perfect soundtrack of a very first "French kiss", of an early morning sunset by the Seine - or by the sea (you choose) -, of a late bar evening session, sipping red wine or a dry martini cocktail - once again, you choose. They're songs to relax to or to fall in love with, songs to dance to or to dream with. They're the soundtrack of an extraordinary life. Your life, maybe. Also features Ricky Hollywood, Claap! & Santana, Polo & Pan, DJ Supermarkt, Jack Tennis, and Paradis. Contains three exclusive, unreleased tracks. CD version includes booklet with liner notes.


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Too Slow to Disco Neo: En France
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/05/2019
Label: How Do You Are
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4250506832940


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